Media Gimmicks.

25 Oct

Since I didn’t Catch Up with the Morning News,thought of having a look at the some of major headlines @ 12.30am.(Seeing Idiot Box at midnight is a very Pleasant experience.No Crap Serials,most importantly No Remote Fights,Nice Nostalgic Songs of 80’s – In short, its a different world.)

Shocked to see Dhoni’s New Hair Cut as one of the Major Headlines.(Tagged With Exclusive!!!).

With Bomb Blasts Rocking many cities,Suicides Of Farmers,(due to Agrarian Crisis),Nuke Deal Crisis prevailing in the Country Is Dhoni’s HAir Cut the matter of Concern? This is not the first time of a Stupid News..

Some Major Headlines aired on the Private News Channels..

  • Kareena And Saif Accept they are Dating.
  • Why Dhoni invited Deepika Padukone For T20?
  • Bips And John Split?

With Raining number Of News Channels everyday,can’t they able to find Some Meaningful News.At least, Why cant they avoid this Stupidity in the headlines..Its really saddening that even Media hasn’t understand their Roles and Responsibilities and airing the programs just to increase their TRP Ratings.

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One response to “Media Gimmicks.

  1. Faissssal

    November 28, 2007 at 4:23 pm

    Hi Inoruva,

    Media is to good for the people, but it has start becoming worst day by day, it has when in the node of making money so advertisement, unwanted news about some public figure to bring hits to there channel, politics by blaming each other,sexy news reader this can’t be changed,


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