Thamizh M.A.

30 Oct


Finally Went For Tamizh MA.Awating for this Movie release in Bangalore for more than 3 weeks.As a movie buff its really irritating for me like guys to wait for an expected movie.This is one of the Biggest Prob.for me in Bangalore.With All My Frenz are in Madras I got a job in Bangalore before 10 Months.The Only Entertainment for me in B’lore is Movies(Evlo Naaal Thaaan MG.Roadlayum,Forumlayum Poi Sight Adichukitae Irukarrathu..They Too Bored after some time.Bangalore Gals Podura Scene Appa Kadavulakkae Adukaathu).

With Tamizh Movies releasing after 2 Or Three Weeks i need to wait for that golden Period Mokkai Maruthamala,Masala Malakottai,Parattai(The Worst Movie I have ever seen in my life.) movies are first released here corresponding with Tamilnadu(Enna Logicnnu Puriyala).But some expected movies are released after 3 weeks.Eg.(Paruthiveeran, Mozhi,Thamizh MA,Satham Podathe.)

What’s the Problem if a Movie is released after 2 Or 3 Weeks?

1.With Showing Clippings Of the Movie in all Channels We Can See 50% Of the Movie in TV itself.As a result No Excitement while Seeing in Theatre(Went For Paruthiveeran.Intha Scene Paathae Maari Irukkae,Intha Scenum Paathae Maari Irukkane Ninaikum Pothae Interval Vanthruchu.Decided from that day not to see the movie clippings in TV.So I Cant get the Fresh Flavour in Cinema Hall)

2.With Flowing Reviews on All Blogs,Magazines,ORKUT Total Plot is leaked.No Suspense While Seeing.

Now Coming To the Tamizh MA Movie,After Kaathal Kondaen,Puthupettai The Trailer Which disturbed me a lot is one and only Tamizh MA.(Esp.Its Fotography,Narrating Story By Jeeva attracted me a lot.).Decided on that day itself to see the movie FDES(First Day Even.Show).But the result is Total Upside Down after seeing the movie.

Main theme is to show the Probs Faced by the Tamil Graduates in the Society.
Jeeva a Tamil Teacher in a School was confined into jail for his Suicidal Attempt.In the jail Cops try to charge him with a False Case.So Jeeva escapes from the jail and return to Madras after two years.In the mean time his lover gets absconded. Jeeva feels lonely and he couldn’t tolerate the exploitation and insult made to him(and Tamil Graduates) by the society.As a result he becomes a revolutionist.

Actually Screenplay is with lot of confusions..Its doesn’t goes on the Track with the story..Many Questions are Unanswered in the Movie. For.Eg.

  • Whether Jeeva is a baddie Or a Revolutionist Or a Psycho?
  • Whats the need to kill the Couples in The Beach and the Psychiatrist?
  • Why he turns into a Serial Killer?


  • With the Main Plot is delivered Only in the Last Reel(i.e SAying the sufferings Of Tamizh Graduate) The First Part deals with some unwanted Murders,False Cases on jeeva…Which are totally unrelated to the Story.
  • Screenplay is With Full Of Confusions.


  • Hats Off To Kadhir For His Amazing Fotography.That too in his Debut Movie he delivered a Master Stroke.(Esp His Dark Lightings in the Mansion, Maharashtra Dry Land Scenes)
  • Jeeva And Anjali’s Performance.
  • Story.(Good Story Spoiled by the Director itself Thanks to his Confusing Screenplay)
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