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Since the Pain in my Heart still the same after Parattai(The Worst Movie ever seen in my Life) thought of eluding Polladhavan this time.But went since my friend was keenly interested for another suicide.Surprisingly the movie was too good.Am not interested in bisecting Or trisecting the movie Scene by Scene here.Just am going with some Pros & Cons of the movie.



  • Mindblowing Presentation with Electrifying Screenplay by the Debut director Vetrimaran.
  • Hats Off to Dhanush for his Wonderful Performance.(Esp.Fire in his Eyes when he faces Villian in the Hospital is Simply Superb.)
  • Debut Villain’s Performance.(His Eyes,Bodylanguage Speaks for his Talent.)
  • Special Bouquet To Art Director & Cameraman.


  • Songs(Not even a Single song is hummable Esp.Antha Remix With YogiB Appa Horrible!!!)
  • Nothing Spl in Climax.(a Sincere request To Stunt Masters Appa Intha Matrix Fighta Vidungappa…Ithukku Mela Copy Adikka Nothing is there in that Fight.Plz Wait till the Next Part comes.)


  • Hereafter Plz don’t compare Simbhu With Dhanush(Athu thaaan Dhanushukku Naama Kudukara Mariyadhai.)
  • North-Madras Area,Gangstersoda Lifestyle,Avanga Family Lifea Itha Vida Etharthama Yaarum Present Pannathilla in Tamil Cinema.
  • Next to Nayagan,Polladhavan Stands Boldly in Tamil Cinema in the Gangster Flicks.(Ahead Of Puthupettai.)

Go For It in Theatres.

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வாசலில் இருந்த தாத்தா

வீட்டுக்குள் வந்தார் புகைப்படமாக…

One Of My Favt.Haikku.(Eppovo Ananda Vikatanil Paditha Nyabagam).

(Use IE to See Tamil Fonts Clearly.)

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Prince Of Mumbai.


With his Counterparts(Sachin,Saurav,Dravid,Ponting,Yousuf,Akthar) Settling In IPL,Lara in ICL?

Singam Singleaaaaathaaaaaaaaaaaan Varum!!!.


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Thursday Blues.

Thursday always remain to be a Nightmare for me (ever since School days).Though it seems to be weird and stupid Thursdays still haunt.Nothing goes smooth in Thursdays.Problem starts from the Morn.itself.At any thursday i haven’t gone to the office in time i.e Before 10.(Either bcoz Of waking up later Or my friend will for rush to the bathroom exactly when i supposed to go Or Water won’t be there and need to call up the owner).As a result need to skip the Breakfast which will makes totally Stressed in the Morn.But Surprisingly today woke up earlier,No Bathroom Fights,No Water Probs.and went for Office in Time with Stomach-Full Breakfast.Really Wondered and very happy till getting a Call from My Boss.Got some heavy Bash for a Module which wasn’t Tested Properly by Our Q.A.Team.(AAAAramabichutaangala….Ennada Ellam Smoothaaa Pohutthennu nenachaen!!!!) Then Some Personal Probs.(Came Thru GMail) which made enough for a Thursday.

Some of Previous Thursday Blues.

  • Was beaten Black and Blue by Maths Sir without a reason in my 9th Std.(Pakkathu Class Teacher (Oru Sappa Fig) Munnadi Scene Poda Enna Adi Adinu Adichaar Ithanaikum i was properly doing my Number Theory Class Work.Avar Bodhaikku I have become a Pickle.)
  • Wrote an Apology Letter(Its My 2nd During My MCA Course.) since went for Kutralam Without informing the Hostel Warden.Actually Afternoonae Class Cut Adichaachu And Went to Kaathal Kondaen(July 11 Or 18 2002 i.e Thursday) in Thirunelveli Bombay Theatre.Planned to Return Hostel before 7,but Oru Punniyavaaan(Athaaan One Of My Close Friend) Sonnan We can Go to Kutraalamnnu.Anga Start Aanadhu Problem.Went To Kutralam in Bike(Tribles Vera-No License-No RC Book) and returned to Hostel in the Next Day Morn.In Between Gapla Hostel Warden Reported Evrythg to Hitler (My HOD).Then to escape from that Oru Poi Solla Poha Athu therinchu Matter Became Very Serious and our names decorated the College Notice Board. We Became the Talk Of Clg for the Next Whole Week.Principal Asked us to Bring the Parents.Finally Kaila Kaalaa Vizhundhu Apology Letteroda Pochu….
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Height Of Male Chauvinism.

Thought Rajini’sthillumullu.jpg Male chauvinistic Oriented Scenes Started from the Movie Mannan.But Thalaivar Started in the 80’s Itself.Seen a Song(Poomaalai Oru Paavai Aanadhu) in the Sun Music from the Movie Thanga Magan which shows the Agmark Male Chauvinism.Thanks to The Director(A.Jagannath) for this kind Of Wonderful thinking.

The Plot of the Song is the Dance competition in a Club-Hotel between Poornima and Thalaivar i.e Whatever Step who does in the dance the other one has to do that.But the confrontation finally turns into an utter Stupidity and Vulgarity.Thalaivar Exercises sorry dances Rigorously but cant compete with Poornima.(Inga thaaan Director Inga Vaikurar Punch)So Thalaivar Takes the Dance Challenge to the next Level i.e Male Or Female Suddenly Pull of his Over Coat,(Poor)nima sheds her over coat(As instructed by Super Director).Then Rajini removes his Shirt and waves it in the air which Poornima Can’t do(Thank God!!! Director dint instruct anythg Serious).Eventually As Expected Thalaivar Declared as a Winner(What a Victory!!!)

As Vadivelu Said:

Room Pottu Yosipangalo…

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