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14 Nov

Its been 15 days gap to come up with a new post.The Main thing for the Gap is due to ATM Syndrome.Being a Vijay Fan(atic) 24/7 thought of ATM Release and how to see FDFS In PVR(Even in Office cant able to work last week).With passing the days (before Diwali) by Surfing the PVR Site to check whether Online Booking is Opened Or Not, I eagerly waited for that auspicious day.Sadly till Nov.8 Online Booking was not Opened in PVR,As a result i need to see in Innovative Multiplex sorry Talkies.(That would be more precise in describing its Quality.)I cant understand Why its been termed as a Multiplex.Even theaters in rural side of Tamilnadu are far better than these multiplexes.

Eg.(Of Some South Tamilnadu Theatres)



Thirunelveli-Bombay.(Good Seating Arrangements,Equipped with Awesome DTS Sound Systems,most importantly Reasonable Ticket Rates makes a Heavenly Experience when seeing a Movie)

But in Bangalore Even after giving Sky Rocket Ticket Rates(180 Rs.)we cant get the Good Theater Experience.Thanks to its Poor Maintenance Of Rest Rooms,Avg.Sound Systems,Normal Seating Arrangements and Mini Screen.Really Shocked to see the Screen which is like 29 inch Sony LCD Monitor adding to its woe is the sound effect..Its been like hell in the Song Sequences with the Sound Levels rising Up and Down.

What is a Multiplex?

The Main Criteria:

  • There shouldn’t be Theatre names instead it should be named as Screen1,2,3…
  • Corn Shop,Coke Machine Outside the Cinema Hall is Mandatory.
  • Online Booking,Any Movie Any Counter.
  • More Hindi,Eng Movies than Regional Movies.
  • Theatre Employees should be in the age group of 20+ with Uniform T-Shirts.
  • Finally Sky Rocket Ticket Rates. (Rs.150+)

What about the Quality?

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Posted by on November 14, 2007 in Bangalore.



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