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Post-Aanjaneya i don’t take Risk by watching Ajith Movies in Theatres.(Some Exceptions:Villian,Varalaaru Bcoz of Frenz Compulsions).But due to the Over-Hype for Billa thought of seeing it in the Cinema Hall.But seeing a Couple Of Scenes in the Kalaignar Channel decided not to see Ajith’s Movies in theatres here after.Need the Answers for the following:

  • In any Frame Why everyone having Cooling Glasses?(Hollywood tharamla Padam Pannanum thaan Athukkaha Varaavan Poravanlaaan Cooling Glass Podanuma!!!)
  • Why Ajith is moving here and there without any reason?(Aah Oohna Ajith Ramp Show Panna Aaarambichurar!!!)
  • Even We Can Ignore the First Two Things,But the Most hapless Situation that we need to tolerate is to see the Prabhu as a Cop who deals with International Don..Horrible!!! Can’t be Stylish as Ajith but atleast Why can’t he have a better Dialog delivery,Body Language.Instead Looks like a R2 Police Station Head Constable.

As Prabhu’s Famous Quote:

Enna Kodumai Sir Ithu…


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      One Man Show.

      Finally BJP gets a Breather!!! not only in terms of Gujarat Elections but also in finding out a Charismatic Leader.(Which the BJP badly needed since after Atalji quit the active politics due to health constraints).No Other Regional Elections.haven’t created this much of Stir in the recent times.(To Be more precise even i dint see this much of hype in the Last General Elecs).Everything Coz Of One Man – Modi.Even the Oppostions Struggled to project a CM Candidate against Modi.


      Its Really Surprising that the BJP coming Up with almost Two-Third Majority in the amidst of troubles.

      • Criticism from All Over the Media,Social Activists for Godhra-Riots in the Pre-Election.
      • Modi’s Rift With VHP.
      • Even the Senior Party Leader Keshubhai Patel came against Modi before the Elections.

      Whats More interesting aspect is Modi Gained more Votes than the Congress even in Riot-Affected Areas.

      Modi Man Show..

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