23 Dec

Post-Aanjaneya i don’t take Risk by watching Ajith Movies in Theatres.(Some Exceptions:Villian,Varalaaru Bcoz of Frenz Compulsions).But due to the Over-Hype for Billa thought of seeing it in the Cinema Hall.But seeing a Couple Of Scenes in the Kalaignar Channel decided not to see Ajith’s Movies in theatres here after.Need the Answers for the following:

  • In any Frame Why everyone having Cooling Glasses?(Hollywood tharamla Padam Pannanum thaan Athukkaha Varaavan Poravanlaaan Cooling Glass Podanuma!!!)
  • Why Ajith is moving here and there without any reason?(Aah Oohna Ajith Ramp Show Panna Aaarambichurar!!!)
  • Even We Can Ignore the First Two Things,But the Most hapless Situation that we need to tolerate is to see the Prabhu as a Cop who deals with International Don..Horrible!!! Can’t be Stylish as Ajith but atleast Why can’t he have a better Dialog delivery,Body Language.Instead Looks like a R2 Police Station Head Constable.

As Prabhu’s Famous Quote:

Enna Kodumai Sir Ithu…


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      2 responses to “Billa.

      1. Shrinivas

        December 24, 2007 at 4:15 pm

        sooofer naa ..

      2. Naren

        December 24, 2007 at 9:41 pm

        Good decision on your part not to see it in theatres. It’s not even fit to be seen on a thiruttu VCD.


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