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Classic Zameen Par.

Even After One Week(After Watching the Movie) I Can’t able to Come Out Of Taare Zameen Par.Am Keep On Listening To its Tracks,keeping the Taare Zameen Par Portal in One My Firefox Tabs all the time and thought of going once more this weekend.Its been Years seen such a Masterpiece..Till Now Excluding Anjali,NilaKaalam None Of the Children’s Movie in Tamil not even deserves to see for once..Dunno Abt Bollywood Whether Any Children’s Movie has been so good as TZP or Not..Moreover Once in Ten years a Movie Based on Children’s Wud Hit on the Screens.Eg.The Cult Craps Like Magic Magic 3D,Durga,ThaiPoosam.Hats Off To Aamir Khan.Who Came Out Of the Usual Cine Grammar.Till Now Even Kamal hasn’t Done a Movie on Children..(Urupadiyana Only Movie Anjali.)

Taare Zameen Par..What to Say from Title To End Full Of Liveliness,Soul Stirring Emotions..Awesome Performances.Oh God!!!Feels Like Crying Even When Thinks abt it.


  • No Heroine.
  • No Foreign Locations.
  • Even in the Title Card Aamir’s Name comes after Darsheel’s Name..Really Amazed on seeing…
  • I Swear this will be the Best Of Darsheel’s Career.(Even If he comes up with 100 Movies in Future.)

To Produce this Kinda Artistic Movie One Should Love Cinema Esp.He Should need Lots Of Guts…Aamir does it…A Hero With a Difference.A Must See Movie For Perarasu,Lingusaamy,K.S.Ravikumar,Hari.Atleast after seeing this movie Plz come Out Of the Usual Nonsenses Like Punches,Foreign Locations,Duets..

Very Very Highly Recommended Only In Theatres.

(Don’t Watch it in the Thiruttu VCD.Its a Gr8 insult to this Cult Classic…)

Aamir the Real King Khan…..

Note:Am Not an Aamir Khan Fan.(This is the first Aamir Khan’s Movie am Seeing In my Life.)

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