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Good One.

Unexpectedly found this Awesome One in a Blog.

Difference between a Secretary and Personal Secretary:.

Secretary: Good Morning, Sir.

Personal Secretary: It’s morning. Sir.

Thank God!!! Finally Got Something to Post Today.

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Taste Differs.

Yuck!!! Curd Rice with Banana ? Everyone seeing me oddly in the office canteen.Dunno when am addicted to this combo of eating Curd Rice with entremets like banana and Sambhar.Really its cool(for me).Only in my hometown(Rajapalayam) u can find all the school children having slices of mangoes as side dish with Curd Rice(During Summer).But even for them i look to be a diff.Person when eating Curd Rice with banana and Sambhar Or Pulikolambu.Whatever it may be i can’t stop this rocking combo.Jus Try oncena whats wrong in it ? But most important u should try only with Curd Rice by the Support of Sambhar or Pulikolambu.

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There Can’t be a Better Prelude…

If there’s any Song with a better prelude music than this one i”ll delete this post.

Download Link: Mella Mella Ennai Thottu.Movie:Vaazhkai.

I’ve been searching for this Awesome Musical Piece since i saw the Movie:Pallavi Anupallavi (Kannada) during my college days.Eventually i got this Great Song on last Saturday.But its a Tamil Version.Raja has used that piece in the Thamizh Movie Vaazhkai.The Prelude Music Composition made me crazy as a result Listened more than 50 times in the last couple of days.Really surprised how this jewel went unnoticed from our minds.Thank God i Was in Raja’s Generation.


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Ella Naatkalayum Pola…

Generally i hate reading E-Books Whether it may be academics or short stories or any crap,i wud love to read that crap only in books.But Oflate with too much of stress,there’s no other choice than to land in some Sites just for Temp.Relief.In such Scenario unexpectedly read a short story which evoked tears and nostalgicness.Really Stunned by this great Heart-Touching Story By S.Ramakrishnan.En +2 Exam Result Vantha Pothu Enakku Erpatta Avamanam,Manasula Ulla Vali,Intha Society Enna Casuala Paathalum Enakku Ethira Irukura Maathiri Iruntha Feeling Appadiya i seen in the Man in this Story who lost the money in the Bank.A Must Read Story.

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Kuruvi – A Sequel to Aanjaneya.

Second time in my life I Came Out of a Movie Hall before Climax.(After Thirupaachi).Though Songs and Trailer showed the Signs of an Avg.Potboiler,I never thought Kuruvi would Suck my Patience to the core.Its certainly a daunting task to fulfill the Sky Rocketing Expectations of Vijay Fans which set by the Ghillie.But what’s more Pathetic is it dint even reach 50% Of Sivakasi.Even i wud adjust with the Over Heroic fights and Gymnastic dives done by Thalapathy compared to the Utter Crap Screenplay.Dunno what made Vijay to accept this kinda Story (?).Problem Starts from the Intro Scene itself where Vijay jumps from the man hole(Wat an Imagination!!!) to the air by waving the hands to the Viewers.(With U People Breaking the heads and eating lots of time to portray a dashing intro Scene for Vijay in each and every movie,Why Cant u Spend atleast 50% of that time in finding out a normal Watchable Story ?) No Prizes for Guessing the Great Story Even a KG Student knows.What’s more interesting is these you can apply the following Steps to any of the Vijay’s movie(From Thirumalai) and it will fit perfectly.

1.Intro Scene.

2.Winning in a Competition.

3.Opening Song.

4.Meeting Heroine.

5.Confrontation with Villain.


7.Going to Villain’s Place.

8.Kuthu Song.

9.Climax Fight.

10.Vijay Triumphs.

Wow!!! A Real Time Eg. for Polymorphism.

Agreed Oflate in Vijay movies though story isn’t special Screenplay would do the trick.(Eg.Ghillie,Sivakaasi).But in Kuruvi not even in a single frame i cant able to find the Dharani’s Electrifying Screenplay.Even in songs i missed the dazzling and refreshing Vijay.Moreover Mediocre dance steps and worst Picturisation(Esp.Dandana Darna) of songs makes even Vijay Fans crawling.Then imagine the other people ? Even Telugu Guys came out of this kinda Craps and Started Bommarillu.But We Still Sailing in the Same Boat.Only Consolation for me is Vijay’s Club Fight in Malaysia is somewhat Watchable.

Note:Jus to get the Full Excitement to My Thalapathy’s movie I Came to Madras by Train From Bangalore.Also Reserved the Tickets for Kuruvi in Mayajaal thru one Of My Friend.But the Result ?


An Alarm bell to Vijay.


A Death bell to Dharani.


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