05 Jun

As Expected One more Fuel Price Hike.To be honest even we can cope up with these price rise than the Usual-Nonsense which will happen after every hike.

1.Govt.Increases Fuel Price.(Since the Crude Oil price has been increased in the World Market there’s no other choice.God!!! Atleast Please Change the Reason to dupe the voters.)

2.As Usual Left Will issue a Stern Warning and will go for Nation Wide Agitation.(Then Wats the need to be still in the Govt. Coz to Prevent the Indians from Communal Forces..Are People Fools ?)

3.BJP will Stall the Parliament and take dig @ all UPA Leaders.(How BJP forget abt their Multiple Price increases during their Regime?)

4.As Usual People Will shout for a Week,Media will Write Editorials,NDTV airing the People’s Views for the next whole week.

5.Then as usual Media will go for India-Bangladesh-Pak Triseries,Kareena-Saif Dating.

6.After some Period of Time again the same Steps will be………

Hereafter Its utter childish to trust(As Usual) that the Govt.wont go for another hike in future or to blame the Govt.for the current inflation.Its time to change ourselves than indulging in blame game.

@ any cost we can’t evade the inflation,but atleast we can make some small changes in day to day life which can curb fuel price hike a little.

  • Go By Walk Or Cycle for near by shops.
  • Maintain your Vehicles regularly to make it Petrol-Friendly.
  • Use Bike Or Car only for Office (Or) Weekend Trips.(If Possible Please shift your home near to Office.)
  • Try to Use Public Transports(Exception:Auto) Whenever Possible.

Dunno why Govt is not keen interested in promoting our own built Elec.Cars.(Which i can see only in Bangalore(Reva) in India).But Surprisingly Its been well promoted in UK.As a result those who use Non-Pollution Vehicles can avail Free parking Lots.(In London)

Instead of Spending Money on Missile Explosions..Atleast Govt Can Organise For R&D to figure out any other Alternative method to Petrol.

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Posted by on June 5, 2008 in Politics.


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