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Re-Mix a New Epidemic.

By Chance if anything struck well,then Kodambakkam will go crazy of it and continues to adopt till the People are fed up with those Craps sorry stuffs.Few Egs.

  • Baby Shamily.(Debuted by Mani’s Anjali.But sadly 7.30(Yezharai) started for Shamily and tamil People as a result she trapped in ramanarayan who gave us the cult classics Thaipoosam,Durga by joining with her.Thank God she gone back to studies else imagine Paaaapa Paadum Paattu wud be turned into Akka Paadum Paaatu @ Present.)
  • Kaathal Kottai.(God!!! Love Themes Started itching post-Kaathal Kottai for the next three to four years.)
  • Poovellam Kettupar,Jodi,Minsara Kanavu,Kanavae Kalayathe.(Same Plot Shared by all movies.Copy Adicha Kooda Onna Senthu Orey Storya thaaan Adipaanga!!!)
  • Thulluvadho Ilamai.(Selvaraghavan wudn’t have imagined even in his dreams that this Potboiler gonna be the Trendsetter for Tamil Cinema.As Usual Movies Started flooding Kaalatpadai,Kummalam,Boys,Five Star.)

@ Present a new Epidemic has erupted known as Re-Killing Sorry Re-Mix.(Mostly Victims are Raja’s Timeless Classics and his poor fans.)

Thanks to the Yuvan who kicked off this Kusumbu in Kurumbu.(Aasai Nooru Vagai…) Appuram Enna Namma Directors,Producersa Solla Venuma.Yuck!!! Oflate each and every movie Golden Classics are Strangled to death by the Great Musicians.(Esp.Imman,Yuvan)Adding to its woe a new guy has emerged and started icing on the cake..He is one and Only Yogi.B(I Beg you Please Leave Tamil Cinema A Second Time Request from me.)

See the Conditions of the Vintage Classics.

  • Aasai Nooru Vagai…(Kurumbu)
  • Engeyum Eppothum(Pollathavan.Dunno How SPB accepted to sing this Crap.)
  • Madai Thiranthu.(The Worst Of all Re-Mix.God!!! Feels like crying when listened If Raja wud have heard this Sorry he wud have quit the Tamil Industry which Yogi.B need to do.)
  • Aatama Therotama(Movie Thozha.)
  • Aaatha Aathorama Vaariya(Movie:Malaikottai)
  • Ponmagal Vanthaal(I never thought Rahman too wud do his part in the Re-Mix)
  • Thottal Poo Malarum(New..Rahman Says he just used the Lyrics not the Tune..Dunno wats the need for that Lyrics Avlo Creative Panchama Namma Kavingargal kitta? Why he need to use the old ones?)

@ any cost u People cant able to come up with those kinda classics atleast why cant u leave untouched of those ones ?


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