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Life (Without TV) is Beautiful.

Since We are shifting to a new room next week we moved all the biggies like Grinder,Color TV,PUC(PUC ? Public its used by all members in the room) last week itself.Am Totally Relieved when the Saniyan(TV) get lost temporarily.(Though roomates are depressed without Namitha,Rambha ,I breathe peacefully).For the Past Three days its been heaven in the room without the nonsenses Asatha Povathu Yaaru,Maanada Mayilada,Mukkiyama Great Escape from Morn.Crap Songs(Feels like breaking the idiot box when seeing Sundar.C or any Re-Mix song)aired in the Music Channels Esp.Anchors Podura Mokkai going beyond the limits Plus Anchors Posing With Cow Boy Hat God! Sahikala.!!!.Now (Without TV) I Read some of Favt.Sujatha Books peacefully with Enjoying some good tunes in the Ipod.(After a long time had a Good Sleep.)

A Request to the folks who read this:Plz Turn off the TV for a couple of days and see the difference.Absolute Bliss Guaranteed.


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Taxi Taxi..

am very happy to Present the Revised List Of Tamil Killers Sorry Singers.

  • Udit Narayan(Who can forget his Eternal Classics Paruvaaillai(Run),En Moozhaikulle Pala PattamPoochi.)
  • Sukhwindar Singh.
  • Yogi.B(Tamil Rapperaa ? Kodumaida Saaamy.)
  • and Finally Joins this Elite Club is none other than Blazee who did a great job in Taxi Taxi(Sakkarakatti.)

Note:I Swear None(Even Rahman) can’t say what Blazee utters before Taxi Taxi with jus Listening one time.

After Repeated Listening i found out Blazee Cries Nanba Nee Oru Ilavasa Taxi.


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Kangal Irandal…

is Simply Brilliant.(Esp.Note the Violins Rocking @ the Second Interlude…Amazing.)


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Asif & Akthar’s Cricket Life Cycle.

1.Perform Well in a Series as a Key Bowler.

2.Rested for the Next Tour due to Injury Concerns.

3.Back to the Team.

4.Quarrel with Coach Or Team Manager Or Board.

5.Suspended for Rest of the Series.

6.Back to the Team.

7.Tamper the Ball.

8.Suspended for Rest Of the Matches.

9.Back to the Team.

10.Slap the Colleague.

11.Suspended for Upcoming Matches.

12.Back to the Team.

13.Condemn PCB in a Pak Daily.

14.Get Banned For Two Years.

15.Play in IPL.

16.Get Caught in Dubai Airport due to the Possession of Contraband Items.

17.Clear the Scandal.

18.Ready for Next Series.

19.Get Caught in Dope Test.

20. Suspended.

21.Go to Step.1

Note:I Swear these two things can’t happen in our Lifetime.

  • Both Asif & Akthar Playing together in any coming matches.(Either One will be in Penalty.)
  • Both Asif And Akthar Playing Three Series Successively.(Both Will be in Penalty.)
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Utter Stupid.

Filmfare Award to Rahman for his Magical Score(?) in the movie Sivaji.I think the Juries haven’t seen any movie other than Sivaji in 2007.The Same Musical Blunder in 2006 too.Rahman bagged the Filmfare For his Mediocre Musical Score in Sillunu Oru Kaadhal.(Other than Munbae Vaa SOK is too Mediocre).Dunno whether the Juries will see the Flicks before coming to a consensus.AFAIK BGM plays a pivotal role to judge a Best Musical Score.With run of the mill kinda BGM’s in SOK,Sivaji dunno how Rahman deserved for Back to Back Filmfare Awards ? Jus see the Amazing Background Scores in Vettaiyadu Vilayadu,Puthupettai and how it Perfectly sinked with the movie.In 2007 undoutedly Paruthiveeran(Even Mozhi,Unnale Unnale are far better than Sivaji) is the Deserved Choice,Sadly it went unnoticed.


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