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What’s Most Irritable Moment in Life ?

Hmm..When u Plan to chill out in the three day weekend,PM asks you to accomplish the QA within Monday so that the Module can be released in the Proposed Deadline.

IT Pozhappu Naaay Pozhappu.


a Techie Polambing from his OC (OC ? Office Computer.) during the Lunch Hour.


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Valiye En Uyir Valiye Nee Ulavukiraaai

En Vizhi Vazhiye

Sagiye En Ilam Sagiye

Un Ninaivugalal Nee Thorathuriye….

Even if a foetus listened to the above Starting Lines for the first time(without aware of that movie name)the foetus wud clearly say whose the composer.The Same thing happened to me when searching for  a song in my Frenz PC By Chance clicked this song ,within 5 seconds i found out whose the mixer Sorry composer.

So Wats the Point?(Thanks to Kaakha Kaakha)

My Point is

Take Dham Dhoom CD Cover from nyone who has and paste above of your Ullam Ketkume CD Cover and Start Listening to it…Great u Enjoyed Dham Dhoom Songs without paying a single paise or without even downloading.Thats Harris Special.I think even for Satyam(I haven’t heard.Probably i wont listen as i have Bheema) u can try with Bheema Or Saamy.

Note:Even if u dont have Ullam Ketkume CD it doesn’t matter jus Listen to 12B Songs.


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Am Always crazy abt Commercials since my Pre KG Days.(Thanks to the Doordarshan who nurtured the habit of enjoying some classic commercials those days.)I Like to share some of my most favt.Commercials aired in my Most Favt.Channel Doordarshan.I Swear these ones wud bring some nostalgic moments to all by taking them to the 80’s.





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Kuselan ?

Its the Right time for P.Vasu to quit from Cinema.

Epilogue: a Request to My Favt.Art Director Thotatharani.

I Swear this might be the Worst Work in Ur Entire Career.So Plz Stop Uniting with these kinda amateur Directors.

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