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Barking Dogs Bite.

I guess in the coming years dogs will form 2/3 majority in the total population of bangalore city. Yes!!! Doggies breeding here @ Bret Lee Pace.(Thanks to its honeymoon climate.)

The famous Vivek Dialog in Poovellam Un Vaasam comes to my mind

” Naan Varum Pothu Enga Therula Moonae Moonu Naay Irunthuchu Ippa Enna Pannuchu Yaethu Pannuchunu Therila Kootam Kootama Alaiyuthu ”

Rough Translation of the above :

“When I Came here i saw jus two dogs,dunno what they did thereafter,now a bunch of doggies roaming here and there “

Jokes Apart:

Its really a nightmare for those who returning to their homes after 9 or in late hours,when four to six dogs lining up b4 them.Atleast we dont need to bother if they dint do any harm but its not the case.Imagine 3 to 4 stray dogs Continously woofing  behind you in high decibel @ midnite God!!! Really dreadful!!! Luckily any day u may see only one or two but the moment any person comes all those will form an Identification Parade before you.Adding to this woe, NGO’s who are in charge of Sterlizing the stray dogs were pulled back due to the due in payment by the Corporation.Once a fatal incident occurs, corporation will rush up and do the sterlization for some months which is mere an eye-wash(which happened in last year after a boy was killed by a stray dog.)

Barking dogs won’t bite fails in Bangalore.

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