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Terrific Trinity.(Raja-Mani-Balu.)

Location : Ooty.

Director Of Fotography : Balumahendra.

Director : Maniratnam

Background Score : Isaignani.

What can one ask for a better combo than this?

And the Output……..? Needless to say. Simply Amazing!!! (Esp.BGM & Mani’s portrayal of the kid featured in the song.). Dunno how many folks wud have seen this.(Including Die-Hard Raja – Mani Fans.)I’ve been dying  for years to see this video clip and finally found in one of the Raja Fans Video Collection(Orkut). 

Tailpiece:I pity all those directors who frequenting to overseas or erecting unwarranted sets to present a song in a rich manner.

U People are miles behind Magical Mani…..


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I think  most of us wud have come across a mail (depicting the  Foto of Abhinav Bindra and his Cash Reward with below the NSG Commandos Photo with their Package.) in the last week which each one of us forwarding them to all. Really I don’t know who creates this kind of stupid ideological mails. Earlier everyone used to say when an Indian Cricket team wins any tournament, ads & cash awards are flooding on them with no one bothering about the other sports persons. Now suddenly People  started comparing NSG commando’s package with Abhinav Bindra’s Cash Reward. First people should understand NSG persons or military people won’t join army anticipating great perks or awards. It’s duly their passion, dedication towards their duty nothing more than that.Ofcourse they should be given well packages, but this is not the right way to put forward our views by comparing them with sports players or others. (If so FBI, Scotland Yard guys should be getting more Perks than Tiger woods & Beckham).These NSG guys are doing this kind of Mission daily in Kashmir, Assam, but no one ever cared about that. Suddenly when it took place in Mumbai everyone started their Patriotism. Please don’t create mails which portrays cheap or nonsense attitude in terms of patriotism or thinking as if creating great social awareness among society in comparing the packages with sportsperson and army people.

Even in IT industry Security Guys, Housekeeping Guys, CAB drivers are doing their duty round the clock, but do they get more salary than the guys sitting in AC room with a coffee mug?

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