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Ayan proves 2 points clearly:

  • Even a small piece of news can be crafted in celluloid, only the director should have the guts and caliber in presenting it with a style.
  • There are hell  lot of fresh themes are running around us,but only few find the plot in it.

Kudos to  KV.Anand for his fresh treatment and a racy Screenplay,as a result movie jus flying from the first scene till Interval.(Eg.Brilliant Stunt Sequences in Congo with an awesome BGM(Harris) & Fotography.(M.S.Prabhu)).But in the Post-Interval Ayan tests our patience with its length and unwanted songs.If the movie have been trimmed  by 30 mts, it wud have become  an action extravaganza.Still i wud say it’s a Terrific Entertainer. Go for it with minimal expectations.

Ayan – Hitech Ghillie.


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எந்த நேரத்துல இந்த படம் வந்துச்சோ now the total IT is in shatters,Thanks to the Recession.

P.S : Remembering a dialog in Puthupettai,Dhanush says ” காலைல எந்த‌ரிச்சு களுத்த தொட்டு பாத்தாதான் தெரியும்…உசுர் இருக்கா இல்லையான்னு ” . Same for Techies too : Company poi ID Card Swipe panna thaaan theriyum Velai irukaaa,Illayannu…

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