Malare Malare Ullasam….

31 May

With just two days to go for Maestro’s Birthday i would like to revive some of his rare classics with visuals.Lets start with an amazing solo number sung by Janaki from the movie Un Kaneel Neer Vazhinthaal.Though the movie was a disaster,it had an interesting combo for the first (and ofcourse last time too) Rajini + Balumahendra.Probably many might have seen this movie in Raj Tv.The song is a typical Balu’s duet shot in his favt ooty locations with the mesmerizing janaki’s voice @ the backdrop.How come ooty looks so refreshing only under the lens of Balu ?


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2 responses to “Malare Malare Ullasam….

  1. tnagarkumar

    May 31, 2009 at 12:23 pm

    the only positive of the movie is the camera.

  2. Kamal

    June 1, 2009 at 1:17 am


    Thanks for such a lovely number! Somehow, Rajini was not apt for the realism movie after his superstar{dom} status. Other movie did not suit for him was Mahendran’s kai kodukkum kai. Nevertheless, his performance was appreciable.

    When, Balu mahendra was blamed as he could make only parallel/alternate cinema and not a commercial movie, which could make a huge profit for producers, He has directed “Neengal kettavai” referred the title to that nitpicker. His mastery and poetic work is evident in every frame of “Neengal kettavai”, it is a commercial movie, though. Beside “Neengal kettavai”, Un Kaneel Neer Vazhinthaal is an alternate cinema with commercial elements. In other words, He was intend to make a commercial movie with artist viability.

    The orchestra arrangement in the pallavi of Malare Malare and Kathal oviyum are tantamount. As usual amma steals the melody. Shall we say that the song – Kannan vanthu paadukiran is janya of this song? {wink}

    Such a haunting number!


    ~~Raaja rules!


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