A Wednesday – Once in a life time such movie comes.

20 Sep

What the hell ? When everyone going gaga over ” Unnai Pol Oruvan “, why am scribbling about ” A Wednesday ” ? To show am different from others ? Never.Exactly a year before, when ” A Wednesday ” was on the theatres, i dint feel like to give it a chance since i was looking forward for ” Tahaan ” @ that time coz of Santhosh Sivan.Then positive reviews came from all the side, but it was out from the theatres when i thot of trying it.So i bought the DVD (Thanks to Moserbaer) only to place in my wardrobe (Infact i dint even open the DVD wrapper) Finally today when my roomates were getting ready for ” Unnai Pol Oruvan ” i decided to try the original first.The movie ended around 12.30.I was almost speechless and the movie completely took my breath away.With no mood to sleep, i was keep on wandering to hall and bedroom with my mind rewinding the scenes.Hardly, i’d experienced such kinda feelings and emotions after watching a movie.


The way the movie get into the flashback thru Anupam Kher’s narration is itself a classic attempt of story telling.The lightning-pace screenplay,brilliant execution of the scenes,well matured dialogs (Eg.They have asked the questions on Friday and Saturday.Iam just replying to them on Wednesday.) and amazing performances (in the descending order scale) by Naseeruddin Shah (Simply unbelievable performance.!!!) Anupam Kher,Jimmy Shergill makes the movie one of the best ever in Indian Cinema.Above all, the director’s brilliance was clearly evident in the way he handled the characterisation of two cops(Raj & Arif).Instead of abruptly linking them into the story,first portraying their characters with a scene and joining them into the story is a brilliant idea.

Its  really hard to believe this is a debut movie  for Neeraj Pandey.After Katradhu Thamizh, i would say this is a movie straight from the director’s heart without any compromises for the so-called commercial purposes.It doesn’t matter whether u have watched Unnai Pol Oruvan or not,please grab a Moserbaer DVD(50 INR only) and experience a terrific roller-coaster ride.

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One response to “A Wednesday – Once in a life time such movie comes.

  1. Kaarthik

    September 21, 2009 at 7:01 pm

    A Wednesday was the Best Movie of 2008, but unfortunately it didnt get any award. I expect it would get National Award for the Best Movie for 2008 films and Nasser to get NA for Best Actor. He was simply mindblowing esp while narrating. The dialogues are powerful and crisp.I like the way the wife’s chaacter was not shown like some characters in KB Movies.

    Coincidentally I watched A Wednesday on a Wednesday


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