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God’s Own Country – Literally!!

Once upon a time in Bollywood i.e Post-Independence Era,Either it was due to British influence or a symbol of Class, there was a rage for English Titles in Hindi movies – Jewel Thief,Boot Polish,Chinatown,Professor,Mother India,Private Secretary,Around the world (Aren’t the Titles looks interesting to see in the present context ?) But it didn’t continue too long as it hadn’t had much impact post-70’s.With the Globalization and Americanization influence,our Film Industry is back to Square one; the only difference this time is, its Mollywood the victim caught in the English Frenzy, with English titles flurrying in the recent years.

Almost 6 out of 10 movies in Malayalam fall prey to English titles.The Below list is just a tip of an ice-berg, still many more to come.

  • Salt n Pepper.
  • Christian Brothers.
  • Traffic.
  • Ordinary.
  • Loudspeaker.
  • City of God.
  • Indian Rupee.
  • Beautiful.
  • Note Out.
  • The Metro.
  • Race.
  • Living Together.
  • Chinatown.
  • Doubles.
  • Three Kings.
  • Bangkok Summer.
  • Black Stallion.
  • In Ghost House Inn.
  • Happy Husbands.
  • Textbook.
  • Mummy and Me.
  • Canvas.