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3.50 -> 15 !!! Is Vikatan Really Worth For 15 ?

Terminated My Relationship with Vikatan since last month.(Its been a 13 Year Strong Bond Between Me And Anantha Vikatan.)

Lets go for a Kutti Flashback: Fell in Love with Vikatan in my 10th Std.(Rs.3.50 in 1995) thru my Chithappa who’s a Regular Subscriber of all Magazines excluding Yellow Pages.Those days I will be eagerly waiting for my Chithappa’s arrival in the weekend jus to Grab the Vikatan.Soon i fed up of Waiting till Weekend and started picking up the Vikatan from my neighbour’s home every Wed.Its only the Vikatan induced the Reading habit in me which eventually shifted my Gears From TV to Some Good Novels,Short Stories Of Jayakanthan,Sujatha.

But Since Last Month I Stopped Vikatan Since it Altered the Shape to a Bigger Size with Silky Papers jus to vindicate for its Price Hike to 15.Moreover the standard of Vikatan becomes too mediocre since it new Alteration with flooding of junk things like Namitha Related Articles every week,Useless Cover Stories,Stupid College Stories to woo Teenagers(Which of these are Usual things in Kumutham.)

Epilogue:The New Change Over in Looks irritates,rather bringing a fresh feel.To be honest i don’t have the feel of reading Anantha Vikatan instead feeling like Reading Aval Vikatan.

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Reality Craps.

Wanna Test your Patience Level. Watch Any Of these Progs

  • Maaanada Mayilaada.
  • Asatha Povathu Yaaru.
  • Thiruvaalar Thirumathi.
  • Super Dancer.
  • Jodi No.1

The One Who sees more than 10.Mts wud be declared as Gem of the mankind.Even Am Ready to tolerate the Mega Serials now.But Reality Shows Yuck!!! Even Perarasu Movie Is better compared to this Crap.With the Vijay Tv Starting this Trend Which is Copied(As Usual) by all Channels.Horrifying!! Turning Up to any Channel these Reality Garbages are aired irrespective Of any day.Sari Tamila Thaaan Intha Mokkanu Sahara One,Star Plus Ponaa Saniyan Angayum the Same Mokkai.The Only Diff. is the Judges.In Tamil Channels S.Ve.Shekhar,Namitha,Simbhu Vs Rakhi Sawant,Navjot Singh Sidhu.Surya Tv,Gemini Tv,Udaya Tvnnu Oru Channel Vittu Vakkala Intha Saniyan Pudicha Reality Shows.Atleast Whether they are doing the Shows Properly ? Oru Elavum Kidayathu..Roatula Pora Naalu Pera Koopttu Audience Solli Ukkara vaikka Vendiyathu..Appuram Judgekku Cine Industryla Yaaru Padam Onnum Illama Vettiya Irukangalo Or Field Out Artists Thedi Kandu Pudichu Judge aaaka Vendiyathu(Esp.Saran,Pandiarajan,Kanja Karuppu,Jithan Ramesh,Director Stalin,Shaam,Prasanth,Namitha,Ramba.)

Performers Enna Pannaalum Audience Siripaanga,Appuram As Usual Kai Thattuvaanga,Judge Koosama Solluvaaar Cinemala Ungalukku Periya edhir Kaalam Irukkunu…After the Show Pattam Vera Asathaal Mannan Yaarunnu…Oh God!!!

Ethukeduthalum Oru Case Poduraanga Intha Reality Shows Ban Pannanumnu Oru Case Podunga Pa..Tamilnadu Nimmathiya Irukkum.

Thaanga Mudiyala…..

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DD.(Delicious Doordarshan.)

Am In the Office even in a Holiday.Workaholic? LOL…No Way. Just to Elude From Christmas Special Progs.Oh God!doordarshan5.jpg Horrifying!!!In the recent times a new Trend has started in all Channels Whatever the festive may be they started airing Special Mokkai Progs (With their usual Punch Chinnathirayil Ungal Paarvaikku Muthal Muraiyaha & Indhiya Tholaikaatchigalil Muthal Muraiyaha.) Not even a Single Program reflect the festival’s mood or define the purpose of the festival.Still remembering Namitha’s Interview aired On Gandhi Jayanthi (Or Saraswati not sure exactly).Dunno In What way Namitha is Related to Independance Or Gandhiji? Kodumaida.The Same Cinema,Actors tete a tete,Movie Previews,New Flick songs..Yuck!!! I cant digest here after..So decided to jump off from the Room Morn.itself to Office.Even a small kid will easily judge the complete program list irrespective of any festive.


6.30:Mangala Isai(Esp.Kunnakudi Or Lalgudi’s Violin Or Kadri Gopalnath Sax.)

7.00:Unnikrishnan Paatu Or Soumya’s Vocal.(Depends on their availability.)

7.30:Face To Face With an actor(It may be a male or Female based on their fame on that time being.If Its Diwali Avlothaaan Kandippa Any Newly Married Cine Couple.)

8.30:New Movie Songs.(Kandippa Oru Mokkai Paatu Thaan Poduvaanga even if that movie has a good song.)

9.00:New Movie Clippings.(The Same Scene you can see on that day Min.5 times from all channels.)

9.30:Another Actor Interview.(Esp Arjun Or Prashanth.Kandippa Rendu Question Irukkum When the Interview is in the final stage..1.Unga Fanskku Enna Solla Virumbreenga 2.Ivlo Tight Schedulela Engallukku Time Spent Pannathukku Romba thanks..To be Frank Arjun,Prashanthku Fans Unda? For them Tight Schedule…???ROTFL)

10.30:Mokkai Patti Mandram(As Usual Solemn Paapayya-Sun.Tv,Leoni-Vijay Tv,Gnanasambhandhar-Jaya Tv)

11.30:Super Hit Movie(Wud have telecasted this movie umpteen times.Still Paaaka Pala Paeru irukkaanga)


3.30:Ippa Director Face To Face(Esp.If his Movie Gonna release @ that festive time)

4.00:Mokkai Podrathu Yaaru(Ippa Innoru Mokkai Start Panrikkanga..Comedy show Panrannu Solli Rendu Judge Kooptu Podura Mokkai Appa Cant even Watchable For 10 MtsJudges & audience Wud Laugh what ever they does..Need to Write a Seperate Blog For This.Will come Soon.)

5.00:Sirappu Paarvai.(Any New Movie Clipping the same scene shown in the Morn will be aired again)

5.30:Movie.(Vanthutaarya Namma Aaaal Indhiya Tholakaatchigalil…Namma Makkkalayum Summa Sollakoodathu Evlo Vilambaram Pottalum Paaakuraanya!!!! Padame Vilambara idaivelikku naduvulae thaaan Poduvaanga..Still remembering seen the Indian Movie in Raj Tv in my 12 th Std Appa Aasaiya 5.00 manikku ukkanthaen TV munnala…Ads Pottu pottu Padam Mudyia 10.30 Aachu decided that day not to see a movie in the festive seasons.)

8.00:News(Usual Headlines:People celebrated the diwali with great excitement…Ada Paavi Vekkama Padama Poi Solreengla Da..Unga Prog Paatha Yaaruda Diwali Celebrate Panna Mudiyum.)

I dint Say to Stop All these Nonsensical Crap..Atleast in between these Craps why cant they show a prog for a good cause..

Eg.If its Gandhi Jayanthi..

How many Freedom Fighters are there in Taminadu.Why cant they telecast their Interviews?


Any Prog apart from Cinema which shows Our culture,Tradition etc…(Eg.DD Surabhi,Turning Point maari Oru Prog?)


Any Quiz Shows(Not as Jackpot Appa Mega Mokkai!!! Something Informative Like Siddarthbasu Quizzing..)

Now am longing for My Childhood Days…With Only DD its heaven @ home..

Sunday:Rangoli(Just For One Tamizh song Ella Hindi Paatayam Paapaen Paradesi Many Days Poda Maatanga..Rarea Eppayavathu Tamizh Paatu Poduvaaan En Nerathukku Current Poirum!!!)

Donald Duck Cartoon:Evergreen Classic.

Ramayana.Best Ever Mega Serial in the T.V. Era.

Afternoon Movie:Oriya,Assamese Padalaan Paatha Nyabagam.(Ennaikavathu Tamizh Padam Poduvaan Bumper Prize Two Movies on that day..Morn.Home Worklaan Mudichu Readyaa Irupan Afternnonkaaha…Athu Life..)

Even.Movie:Evlo Mokkaiya Irunthaalum Paakrathu..(7.30 Seithi Surukkam Podum Pothu Vegama Sapdrathu since i shouldn’t miss the remaining part of the movie)

Munnotam:(Adutha Vaaram enna Padamnu Waiit Panni Paatha Paradesi Thamizh Thiraidpadamnnu Solluvaanga!!! )

Monday:Thiraimalar(Some Scenes Of Any Movie..Ithyum Vidrathula)

Sat Hindi Movie,Wednesday Chitrahaaar….

With One Channel,Few Progs On that Day,But Lots Of Satisfaction…

Now Lots Of Channels,Lots Of Progs…Lots Of Headache….

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வாசலில் இருந்த தாத்தா

வீட்டுக்குள் வந்தார் புகைப்படமாக…

One Of My Favt.Haikku.(Eppovo Ananda Vikatanil Paditha Nyabagam).

(Use IE to See Tamil Fonts Clearly.)

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Media Gimmicks.

Since I didn’t Catch Up with the Morning News,thought of having a look at the some of major headlines @ 12.30am.(Seeing Idiot Box at midnight is a very Pleasant experience.No Crap Serials,most importantly No Remote Fights,Nice Nostalgic Songs of 80’s – In short, its a different world.)

Shocked to see Dhoni’s New Hair Cut as one of the Major Headlines.(Tagged With Exclusive!!!).

With Bomb Blasts Rocking many cities,Suicides Of Farmers,(due to Agrarian Crisis),Nuke Deal Crisis prevailing in the Country Is Dhoni’s HAir Cut the matter of Concern? This is not the first time of a Stupid News..

Some Major Headlines aired on the Private News Channels..

  • Kareena And Saif Accept they are Dating.
  • Why Dhoni invited Deepika Padukone For T20?
  • Bips And John Split?

With Raining number Of News Channels everyday,can’t they able to find Some Meaningful News.At least, Why cant they avoid this Stupidity in the headlines..Its really saddening that even Media hasn’t understand their Roles and Responsibilities and airing the programs just to increase their TRP Ratings.

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