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Why this much hoopla over IPL?

Due to the lack of para-military forces, security was declined for the IPL matches and the govt asked the IPL organisers to postpone the matches.But the board members were reluctant for the procrastination(Since the dates wud clash with international matches.)and shifted the venue to South Africa.With this kinda scenario its needless to say how the parties will do their maximum efforts in politicising the issue for their political gains Esp.When  the elections are round the corner.Adding to this IPL organisers too expressed their disappointment over the rejection of security.And everyone created a scene as if conducting IPL matches in the subcontinent is a matter of  national pride.Claiming security for 52 matches in the midst of Gen.Elecs is not an easy thing.(Even the Gen.Elecs are conducted in multiple phases jus coz of the lack of numbers in police forces.)To be more precise its not even a much significant World cup or Asian games which involves many countries,so that to seek for para-military forces.Then why this much fuss for a Local County cricket tournament? This IPL episode clearly shows cricket in India taking too much privilege over other sports.What will happen if the IPL matches are conducted frequently in the coming years? Do the security people don’t have any other job than guarding these over hyped county tournaments?

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Asif & Akthar’s Cricket Life Cycle.

1.Perform Well in a Series as a Key Bowler.

2.Rested for the Next Tour due to Injury Concerns.

3.Back to the Team.

4.Quarrel with Coach Or Team Manager Or Board.

5.Suspended for Rest of the Series.

6.Back to the Team.

7.Tamper the Ball.

8.Suspended for Rest Of the Matches.

9.Back to the Team.

10.Slap the Colleague.

11.Suspended for Upcoming Matches.

12.Back to the Team.

13.Condemn PCB in a Pak Daily.

14.Get Banned For Two Years.

15.Play in IPL.

16.Get Caught in Dubai Airport due to the Possession of Contraband Items.

17.Clear the Scandal.

18.Ready for Next Series.

19.Get Caught in Dope Test.

20. Suspended.

21.Go to Step.1

Note:I Swear these two things can’t happen in our Lifetime.

  • Both Asif & Akthar Playing together in any coming matches.(Either One will be in Penalty.)
  • Both Asif And Akthar Playing Three Series Successively.(Both Will be in Penalty.)
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Steyn Stains the Indian Dressing Room.

An Ardent Fan Of Pace Bowling since my School Days.My All Time Favts.

  • Ambrose.(Irreplaceable for another four or five decades Giving RPO.)
  • Walsh.(True Legend both in Pace as well as in Attitude.Eg.1992 World Cup Match Against Pak.)
  • Akram.(Likes his Aggressiveness both in Batting and Bowling and the way he bowls is simply great to see.)

Barring these I can’t enjoy the Current Scenario Of Pace Bowling.Esp After T20 came out the most Pathetic is the fate Of Pacers.Still a Gem shines,a Star is Born,a sandwich of both Ambrose and Akram.Its Great to Watch his Bowling Sorry Firing. a Lethal Missile..

Dale Steyn who rocked the Poor Indian Batting Line up into Pieces….

Wow !!!! One of my greatest moment in my life seeing Men in Blue Tearing Apart by a Single Macho Man which ended the match in mere three days.Actually am following this guy for the past five to six months.Though i haven’t seen much of his action i was eagerly expecting him in the sub continent.But never expected this kinda terrific (Thanks Ravi Shastri) Performance. Said to one Of My Friend about Steyn before the Indo-Proteas Tour.But he rubbished the chances of shining in the Indian Lifeless Pitches.Now its Lifeless For Men in Blue.Steyn this guy has an amazing future.

Why I hate the Men in Blue to the core from my Childhood Days.Reasons ?

  • An admirer of West Indies from my First Std.
  • A Fanatic Of Prince Lara.(Even i can’t digest the Caribbeans Victory in any match if my prince doesn’t scores in it.)
  • Comparing Sachin with my Prince.(Even I Can’t tolerate Comparing my Prince with Bradman then how with a little master ?)
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Kangaroo Curry In the Laxman Pan.


Still Remembering the Words Uttered By Mcgrath a few Years Ago:

If Dravid Gets Out Its Good,If Sachin Goes Out Its Great!!!

But If Laxman Departs Its Miracle!!!!..”

Hahaha Its Damn True!!! On Seeing Today’s Play…

Laxman Thorn Once Again Pricked in the Aussies Flesh…Thanks To Mitchell Johnson for his Contributions.

But IMO Laxman..The Most UnLucky Guy in the Indian Team Sorry Team India….

  • Haven’t Given a Chance to Play in a Single World Cup.(Even D.Mongia,Uthappa Found up a Place in the Eleven Laxman Can’t)
  • Frequently Axed From the Team India Without any Major Reasons In ODI.
  • After T20 Championship Uthappa Got the Cash Prize from Both Kerala And Karnataka(Since Uthappa’s Mother was From Kerala!!!)..But Till now Laxman haven’t Got the Proper Recognition Even from his own state itself.
Laxman!!! A Perfect Scapegoat in the BCCI’s Politics..
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Prince Of Mumbai.


With his Counterparts(Sachin,Saurav,Dravid,Ponting,Yousuf,Akthar) Settling In IPL,Lara in ICL?

Singam Singleaaaaathaaaaaaaaaaaan Varum!!!.


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