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Veg.Melody BGM- Cheenikum.

Just experience it, am getting emotional.No words can summarise this sheer Masterpiece.Typical Ilaiyaraaja’ish.

Note: Thanks a Zillion to the gentleman, who posted this in youtube.


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Pazhassi Raja – a Mindblowing Experience.

Making Period Flicks is never an easy thing in India, unlike Hollywood,we dont have Budget-Friendly producers who doesn’t care about the money or time spent in making a movie.There a director can shoot for years till he gets his desired output.But in India only very few producers has the guts and money to take a risk in the period flicks.So the director has lots of constraints,he has to complete the movie in a specified time that too with the given resources.Really its an uphill task for any director, still Hariharan has come up with an indeed Magnum Opus Pazhassi Raja.Though the story is just a one-line i.e how Mammootty(Kerala Varma Pazhassi Raja)  faces British through his Guerilla Operations in the Wayanad woods,the screenplay and the way its executed with a grand treatment is something really amazing.Each and every frame reveals the enormous work put behind the scene.Dense forest locations,how Mammootty form a group for Guerilla warfare,how they are getting trained and how they assault the British by Bow and Arrows are shown in a classic style.Also the art director has taken utmost care in each and every thing,as a result the costumes,guns,tanks,wood houses,furnitures,palm leaf depict the 1790’s to us.On coming to performance side though Mammotty does a neat job its the Padmapriya who steals the show in the movie with her brilliant stunts.And finally comes the Maestro, Needless to say, as usual rocks the entire movie with his Scintillating Western Classical Style Background Scores.Esp.Theme Music during War sequences(Goosebumps Guaranteed),the scene where the tribals are learning martial arts &  the song Aadhiushassandhya Poothathivide are of typical Maestro’s stamp.Jus a tip of the iceberg in Maestro’s Magic below:



Pazhassi Raja – Watch it just for its Making and Ilaiyaraaja.


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Malare Malare Ullasam….

With just two days to go for Maestro’s Birthday i would like to revive some of his rare classics with visuals.Lets start with an amazing solo number sung by Janaki from the movie Un Kaneel Neer Vazhinthaal.Though the movie was a disaster,it had an interesting combo for the first (and ofcourse last time too) Rajini + Balumahendra.Probably many might have seen this movie in Raj Tv.The song is a typical Balu’s duet shot in his favt ooty locations with the mesmerizing janaki’s voice @ the backdrop.How come ooty looks so refreshing only under the lens of Balu ?


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Thalapathy… a Maniratnam Masterpiece.

Though i have seen Thalapathy n number of times i failed to realise its amazing Technical Brilliance hidden under its shell.All these years jus i have enjoyed the movie as an entertainer without much stressing on technical details.But i was totally blown away when i watched it in a DVD few months back.In technical aspects i wud say Thalapathy is Mani’s Masterstroke.Agreed all his movies has technical brilliance,but Thalapathy is something special, Thanks to Santhosh Sivan’s breathtaking Fotography,Maestro’s scintillating BGM+Songs and above all Mani’s execution of Scenes & Characterisations makes one of the best in the industry.Since Thalapathy has its adaptation from the epic Mahabharatha,both the scenes and characters has shades of Mahabharatha.To Start off with

Titles : Mani movies never had Titles in Maroon color(usually come in White fonts in Black Background) but in Thalapathy Titles come in Maroon color or Brick red color since Rajini’s character is ditto Karna in Mahabharatha who is a Son of Sun,which is maroon or brick red color.Needless to say Rajni’s name in Thalapathy is Surya.This is the reason, Rajni’s Costume wud be Maroon Colored Shirt in most of the scenes.

  • In many Scenes u can see the Sun Rays joining with Rajni.
  • When Srividya and Rajni unites u can see the Sun Rising.
  • Also the whole movie wud have a Maroonish color tone (as like Sethu’s Paandi Madam Green tone in the second half) since the story demands it.

Characterisation: See how beautifully Mani portrays the Shobana’s Characterisation.Please do watch the portion before the song starts.

Here Shobana cries but when Rajini asks the reason for crying, she has no answer to say.Mani has made this jus to show Shobana is too soft in nature so that she can’t even bear a shouting @ her.


  • The Backdrop location wud be a Kovil – Theppakulam when both Rajini – Shobana were in Love.But the backdrop wud be a ruined fort with no trees or shrubs, the scene where Shobana comes to Rajini to say that she gonna get married with Arvindswamy.
  • Also during the break-up scene of Shobana – Rajini u can see the sun trying to set.

Songs: Now we shall look into Mani’s Magic in the songs.Picturising songs is an art which not comes to all directors, even the biggies Bharathiraja,Balachandar limps when coming to Song Picturisation.(Who can forget the hilarious White angels,Clapping of hands,Sunflowers of Bharathiraja) But for Mani Jus a room is enuf, he will do things in a brilliant manner.(Eg.Ninnukori Varnam).Since Rajini’s Characterisation is similiar to a warrior who goes for frequent fights, Mani had picturised the song in such a way.What’s more beauty in this song is  many wud have heard in olden days, War won’t happen after 6 jus to nurse the injured soldiers. The same here too once shobana lit the lamps, Mani won’t show the war instead rajini wud be there with horses resting aside him.

Ilaiyaraaja aka BGM: Can’t even imagine anyother music director for this classic,Thank God!!! Mani – Raja parted their ways away after this movie else Thalapathy wud have been turned into a damp squib.Lets See Raja’s Magic.

  • Whenever Srividya thinks of Rajini, BGM wud be Train’s Siren.Amazing  isnt’it?
  • In Sundari kannal oru Sethi When Rajni goes for war u can hear the Police March Fast BGM.

Some amazing BGM portions in Thalapathy.

  • Rajini – Shobana Break up scene.
  • Rajini – Mammootty first Meeting & Uniting scene.
  • When Rajini stands in a small hill i.e exactly before Amrish puri enters into the scene.
  • See Maestro’s Magic,u can hear the Temple – Bell Ringing sound in the BGM when Shobana lies her head in Rajini’s lap & When Mammootty hugs Rajini in the staircases of Rajini’s House.(This is jus to show,as people say good things gonna happen when anyone heard the Temple-bell ringing sound.)

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Situation Matters.

Lets deal with a classic song from one of the Best combo in Tamil Cinema K.Balachandar – Ilaiyaraaja – Vaalee – SPB.What’s so special abt this song to write off ? Its the situation matters.A duet or a peppy or even a pathos won’t do justice for this kinda situation.First lets see the situation b4 going to the song.


With total frustration,Rahman goes on a journey without knowing the destination.On the way he gets introduced to Sithara,a nice relationship blossoms between them which makes Rahman on top of the world Esp.when he is yearning for a person with whom he could share his past life burdens.

At this type  of scenario the song has to reflect Rahman’s state of mind i.e.a blend of his present happiness and past bitterness instead of usual duet or pathos.That’s what done by the amazing trio KB – Raja – Vaalee in an amazing style.See the Raja’s Magic here,the song wud have poignancy but @ the same time it won’t have complete pathos feel like Oorai Therinchukitten Or Raaja Enbaar Manithiri Enbaar and here we also need to mention Vaalee’s Lyrics which captures the Rahman’s Life in jus two lines

நான் போட்ட பூமாலை மணம் சேர்க்கவில்லை

நீ தானே எனக்காக மடல் பூத்த முல்லை!!!

And here comes the classic and my most favt lines

நீங்காத பாரம் என் நெஞ்சோடு தான்

நான் தேடும் சுமைதாங்கி நீ அல்லவா!!

நான் வாடும் நேரம் உன் மார்போடுதான்

நீ என்னை தாலாட்டும் தாய்யல்லவா!!!


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