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Why this much hoopla over IPL?

Due to the lack of para-military forces, security was declined for the IPL matches and the govt asked the IPL organisers to postpone the matches.But the board members were reluctant for the procrastination(Since the dates wud clash with international matches.)and shifted the venue to South Africa.With this kinda scenario its needless to say how the parties will do their maximum efforts in politicising the issue for their political gains Esp.When  the elections are round the corner.Adding to this IPL organisers too expressed their disappointment over the rejection of security.And everyone created a scene as if conducting IPL matches in the subcontinent is a matter of  national pride.Claiming security for 52 matches in the midst of Gen.Elecs is not an easy thing.(Even the Gen.Elecs are conducted in multiple phases jus coz of the lack of numbers in police forces.)To be more precise its not even a much significant World cup or Asian games which involves many countries,so that to seek for para-military forces.Then why this much fuss for a Local County cricket tournament? This IPL episode clearly shows cricket in India taking too much privilege over other sports.What will happen if the IPL matches are conducted frequently in the coming years? Do the security people don’t have any other job than guarding these over hyped county tournaments?

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