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Am devoting this post to T.Rajendar.

Though listening to this song for years, i haven’t got so emotional as in the last few days,hence of late it become an habit not going to bed without listening feeling Vaigai Karai Kaatre…..Agreed Jesudas or Yesudas (as u prefer) has done a remarkable job in evoking the poignancy, but  wat’s the most beautiful thing is,T.Rajender’s soulful Orchestration,which took the song to Himalayan levels.Eg.a Solo pathos violin piece in both interludes is jus more than a classic which kindles all our emotions, thus we end up in crying literally.(Also you can hear a mild guitar piece in the background when the violin is playing in both interludes.) Wat’s more surprising is, as in Raja’s style,T.R. has used Guitar in a pathos number which is very unconventional in those days.

Actually i thot of writing only abt the Vaigai Karai Kaatre, but accidentally chanced upon another gem in youtube (when searching for Vaigai Karai Kaatre…) which proved sternly, TR is not a Kaama Soma composer, instead he loves to use pretty lively instruments in orchestration which is so pleasant to ears unlike TR’s today compositions.Wats so special abt this song ? Sheer Sitar Magic!!! Song starts off with a violin orchestration followed by Sitar,there after you can hear only Sitar thru out the song in all the three interludes drenched in Hindustani Classical Flavour.Needless to say, SPB has done an excellent job as usual.

Ironically, TR has become a joker today in our minds, Thanks to his clown-like appearances in the movies + nonsensical approach in interviews.Still i feel he carved a space in the Tamil Music with his evergreen melodies.(But sadly the current genre folks unable to realise those ones.)

Missing Good Old Days TR.


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Situation Matters.

Lets deal with a classic song from one of the Best combo in Tamil Cinema K.Balachandar – Ilaiyaraaja – Vaalee – SPB.What’s so special abt this song to write off ? Its the situation matters.A duet or a peppy or even a pathos won’t do justice for this kinda situation.First lets see the situation b4 going to the song.


With total frustration,Rahman goes on a journey without knowing the destination.On the way he gets introduced to Sithara,a nice relationship blossoms between them which makes Rahman on top of the world Esp.when he is yearning for a person with whom he could share his past life burdens.

At this type  of scenario the song has to reflect Rahman’s state of mind i.e.a blend of his present happiness and past bitterness instead of usual duet or pathos.That’s what done by the amazing trio KB – Raja – Vaalee in an amazing style.See the Raja’s Magic here,the song wud have poignancy but @ the same time it won’t have complete pathos feel like Oorai Therinchukitten Or Raaja Enbaar Manithiri Enbaar and here we also need to mention Vaalee’s Lyrics which captures the Rahman’s Life in jus two lines

நான் போட்ட பூமாலை மணம் சேர்க்கவில்லை

நீ தானே எனக்காக மடல் பூத்த முல்லை!!!

And here comes the classic and my most favt lines

நீங்காத பாரம் என் நெஞ்சோடு தான்

நான் தேடும் சுமைதாங்கி நீ அல்லவா!!

நான் வாடும் நேரம் உன் மார்போடுதான்

நீ என்னை தாலாட்டும் தாய்யல்லவா!!!


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Something Special.

I Like to Share some of the Great Classics Of 80’s which amazed me at first time itself.What’s more surprising is none of these song is composed by Maestro Raja.

1.Paniyum Naane Malarum Neeyae….Movie:Panimalar.Music.Shankar-Ganesh. I Swear if SPB’s Top 100 is Listed undoubtedly this song will find up a place in it.Am Running out of Words to describe this Heavenly Vocal Piece.Esp.When SPB Starts Paniyum Naane Malarum Neeyae…Wow!!! Jus U Listen and Feel the Magic.

2.Ezhisai Geethamae.Movie:Rasigan Oru Rasigai Music.Ravindran.A Classical Based song sung By K.J.Yesudas. Doubtlessly a masterpiece of K.J.Yesudas which fills your heart with some Soul Stirring Emotions.

3.Oru Kaathal Devadhai.Movie:Idhayathamarai.Music.Shankar-Ganesh. Though many are aware of this song they dunno the music is done by Shankar Ganesh.(Me too thought Music is done By Raja till a Couple Of Months Back.)Though its not good as Paniyum Naane..Still It comes in SPB’s Hit List..

4.Putham Puthu Olai Varum…Movie:Vedham Puthithu.Here comes the most beautiful song of that movie sung By Chinnakuyil Chitra.Sadly this song dumped by the Media which don’t have enough time to air this Nice Song in its busy schedule.The composer is Devendran.

5.Ithu Oru Kaathal Mayakkam...Movie.Pudhumaipenn Music.Devendran.An Awesome number from Jayachandran and Sunanda…

6.Then Sindhuthe Vaanam…Music G.K.Venkatesh.A Haunting Number From SPB and Janaki from the movie Ponnukku Thanga Manasu.

Please Use the Suitable Links By Clicking on the Song name to listen.

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