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Naan Kadavul – Bala is the Hero.

I’m sick of the Nonsense Phrase “Tamil Cinema has gone to the next level” ( a default statement we wud have seen either in the magazine or online portal reviews of all offbeat movies.) Also i’m really scared, how long this gonna continue and when will tamil cinema stop going to next level.The reason to quote here is jus with some rare exceptions like Naan Kadavul hitting the theatres once in a blue moon along with usual utter craps makes no difference to tamil cinema.Coming to Naan Kadavul, to sum up in a single line,the champion of the movie is Bala.With trailers and promo stills showing  Aarya’s acrobatic positions and amazing stunt sequences in Kaasi,its needless to say people wud have entered the cinema hall expecting a roller coaster ride.But things were different in the movie as soon as pichai paathiram starts.If making a movie with downtrodden people of the society isn’t a easy thing,more tuf  is to extract the performances from the actors(Esp.Those who haven’t seen the camera before).But Bala had done the both things in an amazing style,as a result each and every character haunts even after coming out of the theatre.The main asset of the movie is its rawness in portraying the lifestyle of physically challenged beggars without any cinematic compromises.Another best part is, movie isn’t made as a mere tear-jerker or No-Nonsense sympathy creating portions.Contrary to the theme there are typical Baala’ish (sarcastical) lighter moments are there with down to earth dialogs.(But this time Jeyamohan is the dialog writer.)

Few Egs.

மாட்டுக்கறி தின்னாலும் மலையாளத்தான் மூளையே மூளைதான்டா!!!

நெருப்புலு ஏதுடா சுத்தம் அசுத்தம்!!!

But even with all these things its tuf to declare Naan Kadavul a classic.The problem with the movie is Aarya and his confused Aghori concepts which fails to blend with the main plot.Esp When Aarya is on the way to his home town,Pichai paathiram song starts abruptly which breaks the movie in two lines leaving the viewers confused.Also it seems like Bala is still in the hang over of Pithamagan.Aarya’s Character has many shades of ” Sithan “Vikram.(Eg.Few Scenes,When people getting scared on seeing Aarya,Police Station Scenes, resemble ditto pithamagan.).Even i wasn’t much impressed with Isaignani’s BGM.Barring Interval and climax scene other scenes dint have Maestro’s stamp.But he compensates with Om Shivo Hum Track.The Starting Chants with all Pujaris showing the Deeparadhana is a terrific experience to watch it in theatre.Atleast for this song i wish to see it in Sathyam Cinemas.

Naan Kadavul – Finally a breather for Tamil Cinema in 2009.

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There’s No More Sip between the cup & the lip.


Though Bangalore is famous for 2B’s (Babes and Booze),there’s a set of crowd  who opt for Indian Coffee House in the weekends.Thanks to its Old-Fashioned Ceilings,Museum Styled Fans,Turban Clad Servers Serving Coffee in China Clay Cup & Saucers.Thus creating a Vintage Ambience which takes us to  Late 70’s – 80’s[i.e.No-Nonsense IT Era].This homely atmosphere creates the difference and makes ICH stand ahead of Baristas and Coffee Days.But all these special moments are jus for another 12 days,Yes!!! Indian Coffee House gonna close down its shutters by the end of this month.Though  i dunno the reason for the closure,i was bit depressed and shocked ever since i read the news in outlook,Coz i have no other choice in MG Road.Jus being there 15 – 30 mts with glancing a book by sipping a steamy cup of coffee makes more special than in any other outlets in Bangalore.Infact many a times i had bought a book from Higginbothams jus to leaf over there with a cup of coffee.Adding to this gals too join with us for a coffee in the Opp.Seat(but sadly with their boyfriends.)Dunno where i have to look for all these things from next month?


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